Our Story

The Bridge Collaborative was born from a gathering sense of urgency to solve the most critical challenges facing humanity and the world we share. Across the health, development and environment sectors, we know that challenges such as climate change, poverty, malnutrition, pollution and disease are interconnected—and so are the solutions.

In 2016, a small group of scientists and practitioners from The Nature Conservancy, Duke University, PATH and the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) founded the Bridge Collaborative. Our goal: to spur a fundamental shift that gets us thinking, planning, funding and working together, across sectors, to drive bigger change faster. As a global change agent, we are inspired by the awesome feat of the Human Genome Project, which was able to transform culture quickly to map the entire human genome in less than 13 years. By rapidly growing a culture of collaboration across our sectors, we see similar potential to accelerate solutions to the many pressing challenges we face today.

In our first year alone, researchers and practitioners from around the world joined us to help crack the code on cross-sector success, including over 150 collaborators from more than 110 organizations. Together, we co-created a Practitioner’s Guide on cross-sector action planning and evidence evaluation and a Call to Action for Health, Environment and Development Leaders. These playbooks are power tools in advancing shared, cross-sector evidence that informs strategies, shapes policies and directs funding decisions to achieve real and sustainable solutions. Now, we’re working with our partners and stakeholders to refine our current tools, develop new ones and advance more integrated solutions to today’s complex, global challenges.

Together, we’re creating a groundswell of joint opportunities and evidence to achieve our vision: a world where the biggest health, development and environment challenges actually get solved.