What We Do

The Bridge Collaborative is a catalyst for making bigger change faster. Around the world, we connect people from across the health, development and environment sectors to solve critical challenges that call for us to work together. We align priorities, develop cross-sector solutions based on shared evidence and unlock the capacity to achieve greater impact when and where it matters most.


Find new ways to define challenges across sectors and drive leadership to set priorities that accelerate cross-sector action. THINK. >


Use our Practitioner’s Guide and other evidence-based tools co-designed by our community to inform decisions and advance cross-sector solutions from research and practice to policy and funding. PLAN. >


Put cross-sector work into action. Stories from around the world share what we do, how we do it and the impact we’re making together. ACT. >


Catalyze your next big idea into action through our Bridge Spark Fund and other support for cross-sector work. FUND >


Connect with the Bridge Collaborative community through events, roundtables, workshops, and more. CONNECT. >

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