In our interconnected world, cross-sector planning and evidence use is key to tackling big and complex challenges. But, we can’t plan for what we don’t know. We co-design planning tools, such as our Practitioner’s Guide that empower our collaborators around the world to connect across sectors at every stage—from strategy and funding to evaluating success.


As we plan cross-sector work, the following principles guide us:
1. Use evidence to inform decisions.
2. Act now and learn by doing.
3. Seek and respect other perspectives.
4. Be intentional about inclusion.
5. Strive to do no harm.
6. Share information openly and transparently.

Planning Tools


Our collaborators co-designed this Practitioner’s Guide with a focus on practical ways to put shared evidence into action. With this document, we offer a set of principles and guidance for planning and acting across sectors. Now, we’re testing and expanding on this tool to inform cross-sector strategies, policies and funding decisions.
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