Our members co-designed the Practitioner’s Guide to share practical ways to put cross-sector evidence into action, following common planning steps across the health, development and environment sectors. As we put this guidance into practice with a variety of cross-sector project teams, we’ve developed complementary tools to further support cross-sector planning and evidence evaluation across the project lifecycle.

Planning Tools

Project Planning Cycle

The Practitioner’s Guide addresses the full project planning lifecycle, with emphasis on evidence evaluation and analyzing interventions through results chains. Click on the components of the image to be redirected to the relevant sections in this guide.

Planning Resources

The tools below have been developed to complement the Practitioner’s Guide in helping teams address common cross-sector needs at various stages of the planning lifecycle.

*Note to Mac users: The interactive worksheets linked below may not display or function properly in Safari or Mac Preview. We recommend viewing the PDFs in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (free to download)

DISCOVER how my problem or intervention connects with those in other sectors

Sector Adjacency Assessment

Supporting Tables

CONVENE experts from other fields to identify and integrate cross-sector linkages

Facilitating Cross-Sector Engagements Toolkit

Organize and evaluate the strength of cross-sector EVIDENCE behind my hypotheses

Evidence Evaluation Tipsheet

Evidence Library Guide