Results from The Collaborative

The Bridge Collaborative offers new tools, resources and guidelines to look and think across sectors. Our results help define shared challenges and engage all sectors in the solutions.

Practitioner’s Guide

Our members co-designed this Practitioner’s Guide with a focus on practical ways to put shared evidence into action. With this document, we offer a set of principles and guidance for planning and acting across sectors. Now, we’re testing and expanding on this tool to inform cross-sector strategies, policies and funding decisions.

Download a copy here.

Philanthropic Funding Landscape

Co-authored by the Bridge Collaborative and Panorama, this report assesses the landscape of global philanthropic donors for health and environment. We also provide tangible ways to work together with donors to unlock funding to tackle the complex problems facing our world today.

Download a copy here.

Call to Action

With our policy-focused Call to Action report, we share poignant stories of the challenges we still can’t solve and a vision of what is needed to build the understanding and support of partners, funders, governments, policymakers and other stakeholders to chart a different future.

Download a copy here.

Fact Sheet

Download the Bridge Collaborative Fact Sheet for more information about who we are and what we do.

Download a copy here.